TransCanada Calibrations

Ultrasonic Meter Calibration

Canada’s largest transmission pipeline is the source of consistent, stabile gas flow for TransCanada Calibrations fully enclosed, environmentally controlled high pressure natural gas meter test facility. In fact TransCanada Calibrations is the worlds largest meter test facility by flow volume that is able to install and calibrate ANSI 600 – 2500 meters in sizes NPS 3 through NPS 42 year-round.

Ultrasonic Meter Calibration Services:

Calibration Capability: 

Calibration of Ultrasonic meters sizes NPS 3 - NPS 30 to maximum capacity  Flow capability of 30 m3/hour through 55,000+ m3/hour available year-round  Stabile gas velocities of 1 ft/sec to in excess of 100 ft/sec available  Pressure range from 60 through 70 Bar (approx. 950-1050 PSI)  Calibration of ANSI 600, 900, 1500, 2500 series Ultrasonic Meters  Real-time match size, match resolution dedicated per reference USM check metering  Simultaneous operation of dedicated meter software during calibration  Ethernet link available to meter during calibration  Simultaneous, series calibration of two Ultrasonic meters  Bi-directional calibration capability  Internationally recognized measurement traceable to primary national standards  AGA 9 and ISO 17025 Compliant calibration procedure and certificate  On-Site Meter Repair Capability and in-house parts inventory

Services Included at No Additional Charge:

Real-time Secure Web-based On-line Calibration Monitoring Ultrasonic Meter Trouble-shooting and Repair during Calibration Per Point Meter log file analysis and base-line performance record Ultrasonic Measurement and Meter instruction during calibration

Additional Services Available:

Competitive rates for domestic and international meter transportation

TransCanada Calibrations Ltd. Service Direct: (204) 878-4373 ext 221 Tran

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